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What began as an experiment - sending a daily email to share one thing I'm doing to help my health & well-being during the pandemic - has grown into its next phase.

The Fit For Real Life Digest is my weekly email to you that will include the "One Thing" format from the daily emails that readers have grown to love.

What should you expect from this weekly email?

A Friday note that includes my "One Thing", which is usually something simple you can do to support your health & well-being - plus links to interesting things I'm consuming and creating.

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    Hi, I'm Kate.

    I believe in action.

    Who am I?

    I have spent 20 years teaching others how to become fit for real life by building their bodies, and their lives, to be unbreakable. My strategies center around building body, mind, and life, to support you in both times of calm and times of adversity.

    What people are saying...

    "Your emails give me ideas to put into action & thoughts to ponder!"

    "Your emails help me understand how someone with your background problem solves issues that we all face."

    "I love the emails. They give me something small I can think about adding into my life."

    "I appreciate your emails. You have consistently been one I've read and I appreciate the tips, the tone, and the brevity."

    "Your emails help me stay grounded during a difficult time."